eJuice marketing & eJuice Branding service.

By using our eJuice marketing & eJuice Branding service

You can Help more shoppers discover and buy your products! Let sell, ship and boost your profits.

The process is simple and the pricing structure is straight forward. We charge 30% from each transaction on our site. All you need to do is shoot us at email at

Once you join us we will add your products and pay you once a month on the 15th using a Chase Quick Pay or Paypal, once your account balance surpass $100

1. Who ships the products to the customer?
Your call. We prefer to ship the products ourselves, once you join us we will send you a follow-up email with our shipping address, so you can ship us 5 products from each SKU you carry. Once we run low on inventory we will send you an email to ship us more products.
If you prefer to ship the products yourself our system will notify you by email as orders come in. You will have to pay the shipping costs if you decide to choose drop-shipping.

2. Why you should join this program?
1. You will earn more money for every product we sell.
2. The more we sell, the more money you make.
3. Since we are taking out the middle man, we can sell more units by lowering the prices and everybody wins: You, The customer and us.
We are reinventing the eLiquid industry and we want you to be a part of it.

3. What's the lowest amount you can earn for your product?
Let's say we did a special sale BUY 1 GET 1 FREE and we sold two of your bottles for $20 which is $10 for each bottle, you'll earn $7 per bottle Total: $14 and we will earn $6.

What if we do a giveaway with one of your products? In this case the price we will pay you is up to you. We get 30ml bottles for as low as $3, when you send us an email please add "My minimum Price per 30ml is $X".

Our goal is sell at the highest price we can! However the lower your price is, the more room we have to add your products to giveaways , special sale events and if you're not a very popular brand, that's the best thing you can do to help people become familiar with your brand.

4. Got more questions? 
Shoot us an email at and we'll reply asap.

5. Looking for more ways to make money with us?
If you have a large bank of emails, we are interested to join forces! If you have more than 1,000 emails, please email us at

All our 30ml eLiquid are sold at $14.99 when the customer choose subscription or $19.99 for one-time purchase.
* We strongly recommend to purchase the $99 marketing package to increase your brand awareness.

How can we help you sell more products?
eJuice Marketing package
We offer a monthly advertising package for $99/month which includes:
- Home Page Banner
- Facebook Post
- Instagram Post
- Newsletter - Our customers will see your brand, once a week!
- Our bundles will include your products!
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See What Our Partners Say About Us
"Becoming eJuice Marketing Package worked beyond my expectations. My products were live in 2 days and I am getting new orders every month!" - Gabe Medina CEO & Founder of Vape Fame.

6. Free eJuice advertising
If you are interested to appear on our home page banner and get shoutout on IG/FB for free please add these two links to your home page:
<a href="" alt=" eJuice">eJuice</a>
<a href="" alt=" Vaping Starter Kits">Vaping Starter Kits</a>

Ready to sell? Shoot us an email at