TOP 5 Vape MODS for Massive Clouds From Era Vape

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TOP 5 Vape MODS for Massive Clouds From Era Vape – EraVape

Vape MODs means less mess, less stress because of variables such as “squonking,” which makes it easier to achieve massive clouds. If you want to blow bigger clouds then you need to invest in a MOD. Some people become interested in vape MODs, because they’re fed up with topping off, dripping and carrying around e-juice bottles, extra napkins and batteries or charging units (cords/stations). Others who are new to vaping, simply want to learn more. If you’re familiar with “squonking,” then you’re probably searching for a MOD to blow bigger clouds. New to vaping? MODs means that all it takes is one squeeze and e-juice is fed to the bottom atomizer.

EraVape understands that vape MODs mean bountiful vapor clouds because of the continuous flow of e-juice to the atomizer. Squonking means facilitating the feed of the e-juice and reclaiming the liquid (draining). MODS allow you to avoid the constant need for manual dripping. There are plenty categories of vape MODs such as: cloud chasing, squonking, temperature control, affordable, and high end and mechanical and sub-ohm.

Although clouds are the biggest attraction to vaping, the best pleasure is derived from MODs is that the taste of the e-juice remains potent. The combination of more flavor and huge clouds, is a vaper’s dream come true. So, take a look below at the top five vape MODs for massive clouds from collections.

EraVape MOD #1: DNA 75 MINI by Lavabox

DNA 75 MINI by Lavabox

This is a smaller version of the Volcano by Lavabox. It is a powerful, efficient mini, which provides you with the flexibility to take it anywhere. It offers 75 watts of power for chasing clouds. The chipset allows for 1 to 75 watts, with customization adjustments. Replaceable battery and USB charging capable. Compact and easy to use. Features upgradeable firmware and low battery alert with short circuit, low voltage and low resistance protection. Sophisticated technology enables you to adjust the TCR values. Customers who purchased the DNA 75 mini loved the performance and the durability, which surprised some because it is a lightweight model.

EraVape MOD #2: Aspire Odyssey Mini Kit Black X by Aspire

Aspire Odyssey Mini Kit Black X by Aspire

This compact kit includes the Pegasus Mini, the Triton Mini Tank and a micro USB cable. Amazingly versatile with option control airflow and coil settings. The Aspire Mini is a top fill making it easier to top up and refill. Ergonomic design with a sleek compact look. There are three different modes: bypass mode, temperature control mode and power mode. Raw power gives you the ability to control how fast you advance to bigger clouds. Variable wattage range-1.0 watts to 50.0 watts.

EraVape MOD #3: Alien Mod Kit by Smok Alien

Alien Mod Kit by Smok Alien

This kit contains the Smok Alien Mod, the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast, a micro USB cable and a bag of spares. With top fill design, adjustable temperature and airflow, Pyrex glass tank, and reduced chamber. It's diameter is 22m with a 3 ml maximum capacity. Produces massive clouds with premium flavor. Tremendous value with great performance.

EraVape MOD #4: Aspire Pegasus Box Mod Brushed Brass by Aspire 

Aspire Pegasus Box Mod Brushed Brass by Aspire

Modern vaping technology for a reasonable price. Want to float in the clouds? Then the Pegasus is the MOD for you. Design to make it easier to fill and refill. Features stylish brushed brass made from high quality materials. With atomizer resistance, battery life indicator, output voltage and wattage, and atomizer resistance. Includes: the Aspire Pegasus MOD and micro USB cable.

EraVape MOD #5: Dovpo Mini 7.5 TC Box Mod Black by Lavabox

Dovpo Mini 7.5 TC Box Mod Black by Lavabox

A mini never tasted so delicious. This box MOD is new and is designed to be clever and compact. It is small but powerful. Puff and blow and watch the clouds appear. You couldn’t ask for anything more from a mini MOD. The Dovpo Mini 7.5 TC features temperature control (Ni200 wire only), with an available wattage of 75 watts. Uses one 18650 battery (not included). The body of this mini MOD is aluminum. The output range is 3.1 volts to 4.2 volts. It is simple and affordable; for the price it makes an excellent backup.

When e-cigs first hit the US market, the term, "MOD" was used to refer to a device that had been modified or customized by the user. Before there were actually vape marketplaces such as people had to rely on ingenuity and a tool kit. Many used a flashlight to create a modified device for vaping.

It originally meant “modified” for a bigger battery. Nowadays it is used when talking about any vaping device that isn’t an eGo style. And it has come to generally mean, "method of delivery." MOD units deliver pure juice, that is juice that doesn’t call for a manual method of dripping. Check out the section devoted to vape MODs at

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