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Feast your eyes on some of the most delightful vapor-cloud producing e-liquids ready for purchase or use our eJuice subscription special prices through

1st Place - Brown Bag Vape

 Brown Bag Vape

#Whatsinyourbag - Brown Bag Vape Co. offers a selective yet enticing suite of seven different 40ml premium ejuice bottles. The Brown Bag Long Leaf blends large clouds and smooth flavor with a subtly sweet throwback on a great tobacco blend.
Some of our favorite flavors that Brown Bag Vape offers cover the gamut of ejuice fruit flavor, whether red licorice with a hint of strawberry in Red Whip, the nostalgia of your favorite strawberry and malted milk in Malt Shop, or the pomegranate and raspberry Ice Pop perfect for a summer’s day. Better yet, if you are in the mood for a fruity vape-enchanted breakfast, give the yogurt and peaches flavor of Peach Creamery or swap out with the banana, strawberry, and citrus blend of Rise ‘N Shine during your morning commute!

2nd Place - 100 Proof Vape

 100 Proof Vape

#Keepit100proof - Packaging 10 out of 10 flavors flavors 10 out of 10, the only reason it's not first place is because it's 30ml vs the 40ml that took the first place. After all, who ever wants to run out of e-liquid? We have heard from customers that going a day without Sour Nectar seems ridiculous, as the sour appeal of strawberry, kiwi, and a hint of peach during the exhale keeps customers coming back for a tropical starburst candy taste.

For any of our southern customers, the Southern Brew vape juice combines the salivating approach of creamy almond milk taste during inhale and a touch of vanilla upon exhale for a very relaxing vapor experience. Last, but certainly not least, 100 Proof's Hawaiian Sun combines a strong guava inhale and results in a vapory watermelon and pineapple treasure during cloud creation. Keep it 100 Proof or go home... or give these savory ejuice flavors a try!

Also, don't forget to try Blueberry Shine and Peaches 'N Cream!

3rd Place - SWRL, PopBars, & CRFT

CRFT E-Juice

#Tastethedifference - CRFT Labs takes pride in their tobacco free nicotine eliquids and an elegant, yet aesthetic sense of style associated with their packaging and sizes up to 200ml of seemingly endless vapor production. Coming in as a crowd favorite, SWRL provides a sweet combination of strawberry, cinnamon swirl, and for those with detailed taste buds... a hint of bakery icing flavor.

If you like the taste of some smooth home-made custard, CRFT also produces another joy deemed Strawberry Blonde, a vanilla laced strawberry custard treat. Finally, one of the newest productions from the lab, known as Popbars Cocodew puts the taste of honey dew on your taste buds with an overlay of subtle luxury with a toasted almond finish and smooth ice cream.

4th Place - PEEL


#PEELsomefruit - CRFT Labs makes our list a few times. We know what you're thinking. Eravape must have an a sweet tooth for CRFT products. The thing is, we do... and you should too! PEEL comes into the mix with the 30ml Apple and Kiwi - these ripe fruit flavors do not require our boost of words, because they are straight, smooth, and tasty flavors that speak for themselves.

5th Place - Bubbles Gum

#ItsokaytobeMellow - Bubbles Gum's Mellow Yellow is one of our favorites. In a 60ml bottle, you will get the orange flavored bubble gum flavor from what tastes like the sweetest oranges you have ever bit into. Buy some Mellow Yellow today and try to sit patiently until your package arrives before you sink into the mouth watering orange juice flavors as you exhale into orange bubble gum bliss. Equally impressive is the Crimson Sweet as a sugary watermelon bubblegum infusion of flavor.

6th Place - Von Vape

Von Vape E-Juice

#PremiumBlackLabel - Von Vape provides three distinct lines of vaping liquids, blended in handcrafted artisanal batches, known as Elite Drip, Reserve, and Vintage. Now is the time to try the assortment of liquids within Von Vape's arsenal of tastes. Some of our favorites include Kingly, Empire, Magnus, Regal, and Righteous. The names sound prestigious, and the finely crafted flavors including fruity, rich, and subtle smoky flavors perfect for any late night occasion. Be elegant with Von Vape and purchase an experience today!

7th Place - Mondays

Mondays E-Juice

#CaseoftheMondays - In this case, Mondays are a good thing. With four premium e-liquids known as Breakfast Donut, French Toast, Milk & Oats, and Fruit Flakes, you'll be happily salivating for a morning cloud-based commute at the start of every week. Our personal favorites are Breakfast Donut and French Toast, but do not worry about the calories for this breakfast, you will be too nostalgic with the sweet taste of an early morning vapor snack ready for the go.

8th Place - REUP

REUP E-Juice

#itsTimeforREUP Jolly Green enables a sour green apple adventure that will leave you coming back for more, and Red Delight offers a tangy strawberry sour straw reminiscent of those candy purchases enjoyable during a new release at the theater. Both eliquids are formidable e-juice opponents for the top spots on our list. We recommend you try both the next time you want to REUP!

9th Place - Aesop

Aesop E-Juice

#ArnoldPalmerPlease - Aesop comes into 2017 strong with its first introduction to the collection with Aesop Strawberry Palmer, an intricate mix of strawberry, lemonade, and ice tea blended and named after the former star golfer, Arnold Palmer. This liquid is available in a 30ml glass bottle and a screw top lid. Order your first of many bottles, and the next time you golfing with friends, you will be sure to score a hole in one with this flavor filled cloud producer!

Additionally, try Aesop's Fig & Leaf!

10th Place - Komb


#GrabyourKomb - Topping off our list for 2017 is Komb's e-liquid. Only available in a 30ml bottle, this liquid offers a supreme mixture of creme brulee, lemon, and honey to coat your otherwise boring taste buds in a sultry mix of flavors meant to remind you of a honey drizzled French creme brulee meant for only the most refined of palates. The lemon zest that finishes each exhale resets the tone for the next welcoming inhale. Buy some Komb today and get in touch with an international desert!

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