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Welcome to EraVape’s guide for beginning vaping. Are you new to vaping and want to learn more? Well, here’s a little background information about “vaping.” Electronic cigarettes are referred to by many shorten terms such as “e-cigs” and “vapes.” Although the contemporary practice of vaping is thought to have originated with 52-year-old Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Actually, the prototype was documented in 1903 when Joseph Robinson filed the first patent.

Although there is no wrong or right way, your vaping experience can be enhanced by the quality of the vapor produced. The bigger the cloud, the greater the pleasure. A person who uses an electronic cigarette is called a “vaper.” When you use the device to create vapor (odorless smoke), this is referred to as “vaping.” So in a nutshell vaping is the activity, the person who does it is a vaper and when asked you can say, “I vape.”

Breakdown of an Electronic Cigarette

1. Vaping device- There are different categories such as vape mods, pens, tanks and herbalizer vaporizers. Some look like a tube or a pen and others are shaped like a box or cube. Pen vaporizers are different from the portable vaping device. Portable vaping devices (herbalizers) are used to smoke dried herbs and other dry extracts.

Pens are for use with e-liquids (e-juice). E-liquid is a concentrate and it can be used with coil or coil-less pens. The newer pens have a magnetic locking system, while the older ones have a thread connector. It’s not something to worry too much about as a beginner. Once you’ve gained experience vaping, then you can choose to purchase a tool kit and build your own vape pen from scratch (custom made/modified). Pens run on a battery.

2. Battery and charging dock- Pens come with a variety of batteries, which supply power to the device. You may choose either a regular battery or a rechargeable pen. If you prefer the rechargeable model, remember that you will also need to purchase a charging station. Replacement batteries for mods and vapers are a specialty type of lithium battery. Always use a high quality battery for safety reasons and remember vape pens require knowledge of storage capacity, voltage, ohms, and amperage. Never store the batteries in the device and perform visual checks at regular intervals.

Main Parts for the Vaping Experience

1. Atomizer- This is the reservoir which holds the liquid. Some people call it a tank. Within the housing unit are heat resistant wire coils and wicks. Each variety has its own disadvantages and advantages. The classification includes cartomizers, rebuildable dripping atomizers and hybrid atomizers, to name a few.

2. Coils, Wicks and E-liquid- Coils are small pieces of wire, used to maintain resistance and measure the amount of power needed to produce heat. Wicks are thin wisps of material, cotton, stainless steel mesh, silica cord and ekowool are often used. E-liquid is the concentrate used in the vape pen. It's made of ingredients that sometimes combine nicotine. E-juice/liquid contains a blend of glycerin (vegetable), flavorings, and propylene glycol; it can be purchased in varying strengths.

Vaping is a distinctive activity, when done frequently it can provide overall satisfaction, relaxation and stress relief. Most people learn how to vape through trial and error, and through observing others. Many people prefer to purchase a Starter Kit, it’s excellent for first time users. is where you can find everything that you need to get started. You’ll find in-stock accessories, unique daily deals, special buys and other incentives, such as the referral program.

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