Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Steep Your E-Juice?

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Steeping of e-juices is an art for the distinguished vapers. It’s not a must. It’s only for those who feel that the taste of their e-liquids could be better than they currently are. The steeping process involves oxidation of your e-juice contents so that they can blend properly. Through steeping, the alcohol used in e-liquids evaporate so that the harsh chemical-like taste is eliminated. And, if any alcohol remains, they’ll help flavors blend with each other, therefore, enhancing the taste of your e-liquid.

Most vapers ask whether there’s a right or wrong way of steeping. And the answer is, NO. Various vapers use different methods of steeping and get the same result. What matters is that you know the Do's and Don'ts of steeping that apply to every method.

Steeping involves placing your e-liquid in a dark place for a week or so, depending on the flavor used. Many vapers try various methods to increase the speed of steeping. The trick is usually applying heat to your e-liquids several times a day. You can try using a hot water bath, placing the e-liquid on the fan vent of your computer, use a dryer or place your flavors in the glove compartment of your car. Alternatively, you can breathe your e-liquids so that the steeping process is hastened.

In trying to hasten the steeping process, that is where most vapers go wrong. When steeping, it is advisable that you shake your e-liquids a few times every day. This is to help everything mix together more rapidly. However, not many vapers know that only a light shake is required. Over-shaking tends to create a lot of bubbles which makes steeping harder.

The other mistake that’s commonly made is leaving e-liquids breathing for too long. Taking the cap off your e-liquids is recommended to maximize entry of oxygen and speed up the oxidation process. However, it is never okay to leave the e-liquids breathing for more than 12 hours. If your e-juices breathe for more than 12 hours, they’ll overstep, which is an effect that no vaper wants. Your flavor's and nicotine's essence will diminish thus you will be left with a low-quality vape.

Using of plastic bottles when steeping should be avoided. For best results, glass e-juice bottles should be used. Particularly, when methods to hasten steeping are being used. This is because plastic bottles tend to give in to too much heat.

There’s no method of steeping that can be right or wrong. But every vaper needs to be aware that some methods will take longer than others. And that steeping is not a must for everyone. Besides, e-liquids start the steeping process the very day they are packaged in those bottles. Considering the time, they take in transit and the shelf-life, that time is enough to have them steeped. So, always taste your e-juices first before you can decide whether to steep or not.

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