Best Practices For Choosing A Vape Starter Kit

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Best Practices For Choosing A Vape Starter Kit

As a vaping rookie, it is easy to become overwhelmed with vaping, as there are a myriad of vaping products available in the market. Understanding most of these terminologies will take time and unfortunately, when it comes to quitting tobacco smoking, time is usually not in your hand. Luckily, here at EraVape, we've starter kits customized to the varying needs of new vapers. A starter kit will help you overcome the temptation of tobacco smoking. Until you are a vape aficionado and can customize your own experience, starter kits are the way to go.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Starter Kit

Factor #1: E-Liquid

Before you purchase your first starter kit, you need to ask yourself if you are willing to try varying flavors or are comfortable sticking to only one flavor. This will go a long way in helping you decide on the type of tank that is most suitable for you. If you want to try a variety of e-juice flavors, consider going with a smaller tank. That way, you will not be stuck on one flavor for a long time. But if you want to stick with one flavor, the larger tanks will do.

Your nicotine consumption also comes into play when selecting a starter kit. If you were a serial smoker, your nicotine consumption will probably be higher as compared to someone who was just a social smoker. In such a case, a larger tank is preferable. This will reduce the inconvenience of having to refill your tank every other 5 minutes.

Factor #2: Battery

The battery is the power that drives your vaping device. A good battery usually equals a superb experience. If you go for a device with variable wattage, you will need a great battery to complement it so that it doesn't end up exploding. Your battery should be able to support the number of times you vape. The Eleaf Ijust 2 Kit is a great example of starter kits with two great batteries of 2600 mAh. It is suitable for vapers who are upgrading to Sub-Ohm vaping. The Kanger EVOD Twist with a 1600 mAh battery is also a great choice for heavy smokers who are transitioning to vaping.

When checking the battery type, ensure that the kit has batteries that do not limit your vaping. Go for starter kits with two batteries so that you can use one while the other one is charging. Alternatively, you can go for a kit with batteries that allow you to vape even while charging.

Factor #3: Bulkiness of the Device

As a newbie to vaping, you need to seriously consider the size and weight of the starter kit. Being used to the light weight of tobacco cigarettes, you probably will want something that will feel the same. In most cases, you will find that, the larger the device, the higher the output. However, in this case, you only need something that will deliver like your tobacco cigs. The Kanger EVOD is a great choice when it comes to bulkiness. It has a slim style and is light to the hands. Also, it allows you to grip like you would do with a traditional tobacco cigarette. However, if the heavier devices feel more comfortable in your hands, then go for it. At the end of the day, it is what feels comfortable and durable, that matters.

Factor #4: Vaping Style

There are basically two types of vaping styles and each of them requires a different type of device. There are vapers who prefer the Mouth to Lungs Style, where one takes vapor and lets it stay in their mouth before inhaling it into the lungs. On the other hand, there are vapers who love the direct lung inhale, where they inhale directly into the lungs. The MTL method is what most tobacco cigarette smokers use. A device that allows you to use this method will help in smooth transitioning to vaping. Therefore, check for devices with coils of above 1 Ohms. Below this is known as "Sub-Ohm" vaping and is suitable for the Direct Lung vaping style.

Factor #5: Quality and Safety

You cannot afford to compromise your safety by choosing a poor quality device. Your safety is very important. You will need to check the make of the starter kit and decide if it is safe enough for you to use. For newbies, always look for glass tanks. Unlike plastic tanks, a glass tank will not be corroded by some flavors. Also, go for metal builds that utilize stainless steel, because most metals tend to rust and corrode with time.

Factor #6: Personal Style

How do you like your vaping kit to look? Different vapers have different styles and it is important that you get a kit that matches your preferences. Otherwise, you will be stick with something that you don't like and it will not do much to enhance your vaping experience.

Bottom Line

Vaping should be an enjoyable experience and choosing the right starter kit is the first step to ensuring that. If you are interested in purchasing a starter kit, you can visit our shop and sample the various starter kits available. Every vaper has different needs and preferences and for this reason, we have come up with 10 different starter kits for you to choose from.

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