Avoid Purchasing Vape Starter Kits on eBay and Amazon

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One of the best defenses against unlicensed resale is to always buy vape starter kits from an authorized dealer, such as EraVape.com. It makes sense that you want to save money, but in the long run these “rogue” retailers are hurting the industry. Those offering reduced prices or special incentives for purchasing vape kits on eBay and Amazon are violating the resell policies of both online retailers.

In the end, legitimate merchants lose money, while the other “guys” are pumping customers up to let you down eventually. The letdown will come when you return to purchase additional supplies, accessories and add-on items, only to find that they’re no longer in business.

Authorized merchants offer overall variety, value and a warranty (in most cases one year buyer protection). Now, on the other hand you may save a small percentage from the unauthorized sellers; but their luck is bound to run out. Sooner or later, their online web store is going to be closed due to violations of the terms of service, which outlines prohibited items.

What is boils down to is this, these “unauthorized” resellers of vape starter kits, think because they’re online, they can get in and make a quick buck. Rest assured that most will get caught because of the policies and agreements in the seller sign-up process.

Avoid eBay

Back in '09, eBay updated its seller policies to state that the sale of e-cigs and related items were not allowed. They went on to effectively remove all listings that contained such items. Today, that policy is still in existence and strictly enforced. You should avoid buying vape starter kits from any seller that you see on eBay, because you are purchasing a prohibited item. Those sellers caught promoting e-cigs and related items have their accounts suspended without warning.

In banning the sale of electronic cigarettes, eBay warns that such sales violate their tobacco policy. Some of those out to make a quick profit try to get away with it by saying that it’s not a tobacco product. But, their listings get deleted and the account is suspended until they remove all products that are prohibited.

The policy which eBay adheres to is one which matches the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition of E-Cigarettes. This definition classifies these products as: “Vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes), and e-pipes are some of the many types of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS).” So per the list of prohibited items on eBay they will also remove listings related to “e-liquids and modify products.”

Avoid Amazon

Avoid purchasing electronic cigarettes from any merchant on Amazon. Amazon much like eBay has a strict policy on the sale of electronic cigarettes and accessories, including e-juices and vaping supplies. The sellers who try to get it away with selling vape starter kits, soon have their accounts closed. The best way to get what you pay for is only purchase from a legitimate retailer.

Examples of Prohibited Items from Amazon:

  • Electronic cigarettes and vapor pipes and pens
  • E-cigarettes/vapes (both nicotine and non-nicotine)
  • E-hookahs pens (and related paraphernalia)
  • E-liquid juice, electronic cigarette juice, smoke juice, or similar refill liquids
  • Electronic pipes (regardless of the nicotine content)
  • Rechargeable electronic cigars and cartridge refills
  • Nicotine nebulizers and related items
  • Tanks, coils, holders and other accessories
  • New and refill cartridges
  • E-cigs atomizers
  • Replacement batteries
  • Glass vape tanks and clearomizers
  • E-liquid and juice. 

The use of unauthorized online retailers for vape starter kits is essential the same thing as “buyer beware.” You have no way to determine the value and if the quality is less than desirable the return policy is most likely going to be “null and void.”

The use of unauthorized online retailers for vape starter kits is essential the same thing as “buyer beware.” You have no way to determine the value and if the quality is less than desirable the return policy is most likely going to be “null and void.” 

Anytime you spot a great low price on e-cigs, vaping accessories or e-liquids from these merchants, your chances of delivery is first off, chancy. Secondly; if they do deliver what you ordered, you have no way of returning faulty or defective items. Why? Because both Amazon and eBay usually shut these fake retailers down and their online business is just a pop-up store. If you want real value with customer service, a return policy and a warranty, stick with legitimate merchants like EraVape.com for your vape starter kits.

Last year, eBay and Amazon extended their policies on restricted items, related to e-cigs, vape kits, refill cartridges and all accessories to match the changes handed down by the FDA. The changes were posted as a referendum, meaning an addition to the original definition. As an online marketplace of both new and used items, with eBay and Amazon it’s difficult to say what quality of vape starter kits you will receive. With specialized merchants, such as EraVape.com; it eliminates the hassles and headaches.

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