A Vaper's Crash Course For Learning Ohm's Law

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After you have been vaping for awhile, you might want to start using more advanced technology, such as advanced personal MODs. If that's the case, your knowledge will need to advance as well. You will need to understand Ohm's Law, to ensure that you're vaping safely and getting the best experience you can get from the current equipment being used.

What is Ohm's Law?

Ohm's Law is the relationship between electric current, resistance, and voltage. The current through a conductor is proportional to the current that goes through it. The formula for Ohm's Law is I=V/R (Current equals voltage divided by resistance). You can also rewrite the equations, V=I/R or R=V/I according to your needs. "I" represents the current in the device being used measured in amperes. The current is the amount of electricity flowing through your device. "V" represents the voltage. The voltage is the potential difference in energy between two points in your circuit. "R" stands for the resistance. The level of resistance in your circuit has a direct impact on the power you can get out of your device. If you have trouble working out the math, don't worry, there are online calculators that were made to help you to measure and find out how to safely use your device.

Ohm's Law and Vaping

The most important thing that a vaper can get from applying Ohm's Law is increased safety when vaping. Ohm's Law is used to find out the current, voltage and resistance in the circuit being used. For a vaper, this is important, because your device is a circuit and it might have variable settings that could allow you to adjust them.

Batteries have specific resistance levels and some vapers have had battery explosions and overheating because they did not measure the resistance they were using. Using the formula and Ohm's Law you can do the math to make sure that you are only using levels that are within the limits of your equipment. Doing this can prevent potentially dangerous accidents from happening.

Although safety is the main reason to utilize this, Ohm's Law can also increase the efficiency of your device. For instance, if you want more heat out of the coil but don't want to sacrifice your battery's consumption, using a thinner wire can be used. This will preserve battery life and cools down faster than other wires. Or if you decide to use two coils, it will create a wider surface area to heat up your e-liquid, which will increase the amount of vaper you can produce. The resistance is divided between coils, so the more coils you have the lower your resistance. Using Ohm's Law can help when deciding if your setup is safe, as well as help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

When first starting out, the vaping equipment you use won't require you to worry about these things. But when you start to experiment with more advanced equipment where the settings can change, using Ohm's Law is something you should be doing to ensure safety while vaping. If you're interested in maximizing you vaping experience and utilizing your equipment to its fullest potential, safely, then look into Ohm's Law.

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